Past Events

Former BC Rail Auxiliary Crew Members Visit

Date: November 2, 2019

Have you ever wondered what happened after a train accident?

A crew, known as the Auxiliary, was called in to clean up and put the trains back on track. Members of the crew were often gone for weeks at a time and sometimes had to work around the clock to make sure the track was clear! 

On November 2nd, our curator Deidre and archivist Maria had the pleasure of interviewing five retired members of the BC Rail Auxiliary: Janusz Palanin, Bruce Minchin, Joseph E. Vivier, Harlod Sandberg and Antonio Barata about their experience working for the BC Rail Auxiliary. 

Located at the Museum are the diner, bunk, tool cars, and crane that these men worked and lived in. These interviews are the basis for a future exhibit about the Auxiliary and we are honoured that we have the opportunity to share their stories.