Meet our Collections Team

  Curator: Deidre Pratt 

I am in charge of managing our collection of artifacts. This involves numbering and recording items, deciding what to add to our collection and how artifacts are stored and restored. I also help create or bring new exhibits to our museum. 

If you have any questions about our collection or would like to donate an item, contact me at or 250-563-7351


  Archivist and Assistant Curator: Maria Martins

It is my responsibility to organize and preserve archives at the museum. Archives include historical documentation, equipment manuals, maps, blueprints, paintings, clothing, and many other kinds of pieces. I am also the assistant curator. In this additional position I assist our curator, Deidre, in collections tasks. We work together to make the artifacts at the museum accessible by physically organizing and preserving them, as well as by researching and displaying their unique histories.

If you are interested in donating archival material contact me at
or 250-563-7351.